At What Level Does Your Mind Take You?

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I used to ponder on three huge concepts regarding “free agency”:

i) do we as human beings think with previously programmed belief apps (programs and pre-programmed word definitional meanings) or …

ii) do we think inside, in and collaborate with a preset “Collective Conscious” that forms our current cultural box of communal containment or …

iii) are we capable of thinking all on our own and withing these three choices . . . where does our “free agency” of self-determination reside?

Not many, if any will think or feel these questions are meaningful, important or relevant, and for those that sense that as true for them … it is!

Truth is a mirror for where one is at and not for self-identification. So while truth is one’s mirror of location, we thus can sense that one’s truth is both perfect and precise to define where they are “currently” at.

So if and when one’s truth no longer fulfills one’s hunger, its time to move on … and within an entirely new location of a very huge field of potential realities.

In My Opinion. 🙂


via Knowing All – On Top of the Supreme Intelligence – Jean’s NDE


“How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci ~ While Transcending A Life of Ignorant Beliefs.”


“How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci ~

While Transcending A Life of Ignorant Beliefs.”




In this very brief overview of a new workshop, I will now share with you a summary of:


  1. How Leonardo Da Vinci thought his way into the library of geniuses.


  1. What quantum physicists are now saying about that phenomenon

we call “Consciousness.”


  1. The “Precursors at-first-cause … Fundamental Nature” of



  1. Energy not only equals MC2 … it is that only because … Consciousness

is energy’s primal source of causal being.  Consciousness (Greek = ‘with knowing’) is in … of … and at-one-with … the infinite and eternal micro and Meta States of the Universal Matrix, i.e. the Greek’s “womb of creation” … i.e. the Consciousness Operating System (C-OS) of the Universe.


  1. The Origin, growth, and self-sustaining nature of universal belief

systems, those belief apps, i.e. the “Human Handlers” … that are in direct control of how and why we think, feel, act and experience the Matrix of our Minds.


  1. How “YOU” can learn Leonardo’s mind tools on how to safely

navigate and explore the deep regions within … “The Geography of The Mind.”


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“An Expedition into the Geography of The Mind –

While Decoding the Algorithms of the Meta-Matrix …

Within Our Universal Mind.”



In this very brief overview – of a second in a series of workshops, I will offer up a short summary of a few notions that:


  1. Describes Einstein’s proposed “Unified Field Theory” … by, of and within which this universe operates.


  1. Defines the 7 specific driving variables that together creates the Gestalt synergy of the Conscious Operating System (C-OS) of i) the Entire Universe ii) the Integral Nature of Energy and yes, iii the Conscious Mind of Man.


  • Purports to transform incoherent data into a coherent information formation process that thereby encodes life within the cosmic network.


  1. Facilitates the “Creation of the Conscious Belief Apps” that controls how a person … and our collective culture: i) thinks, ii) feels, iii) behaves and iv) thus produces the apperceptive realities in, of and with L.I.F.E.


  1. Describes exactly how we create Virtual Realities deep within the theaters of our minds viaNostic Linguistic Patterns, i.e. NLP.


  1. Supports in excess of twelve (12) “Programmed Thinking Patterns” of tremendously intelligent people.


Please watch and if this assists you to want to … know how to … out-think limiting 16the Century Belief systems (BS) won’t you please:

  • Provide me email or phone call feedback on what you now sense is changing.
  • Share with others this YouTube clip via email and/or your Facebook page.


Thank you for caring.  The world needs our help in restoring dignity, peace and civility for our great, grandchildren yet to arrive.


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Conscious Fundamentalism … Made Simple

I want to thank all that have posted on this site which has inspired me to think about the perspectives on consciousness that you have provided me.   And the result has inspired me was … not so much as what was written but where your ideas sent me to experience.

Here below is a picture taken form my site (URL below) with a picture   . . . that perhaps a few may find worthy of consideration and comment.  ((((Please.)))).

IQ’s (Intelligent Questions) are for the weird and wonderful explorers of life and  its cause and effect of the meaning that constructs the manifolds of reality:

Principles of Consciousness

I – Do we “really” know who and where we are?

II – What makes AI (Artificial Intelligence) artificial?

III – Are Belief Systems more conscious than humans?

IV – Does anyone really care?

To see this PowerPoint slide and a few others visit …